Honey Extractor

24 frame radial frame honey extractor

Stainless Steel Radial Type frame honey extractor,
with high efficiency and easy operation!


  • 24 frame electric/motorised RADIAL extractor

  • High quality 304 stainless steel body

  • Variable speed motor

  • Reversible motor

  • 240Volt

  • Low centred honey gate

  • Extractor stand in Full Stainless steel.  Stable four leg design that is high enough to fit a 27 kg bucket underneath

  • Honey tap/valve which is located at the base with seamless welds...no more tilting to get the last honey out!

  • Easily removable motor mount (four nuts) for cleaning purposes

  • 92cm Diameter

  • 1.2mm thick stainless body

  • honey extractor is Packed securely in a hardwood ply carton

  • Two transparent lids to fit over the body so you can inspect the spinning frames

    igh quality motor, speed controller    
    High powder design, higher productivity
        New type speed controller, operate speed more stable
        With horizontal motor, widening flat beam, low center of gravity design, easy to operate

    Double beam structure    
        Make the machine more durable
        Avoid honey contamination caused by grinding

    New design Inner frame     
        New processing technology, fully consolidate, polish, easy to clean and more durable on using.
        Some type use reversible design, easy to operate, more thorough and more efficient on honey separation

    High quality Honey extractor body    
        Seamless welding technology, more durable to use, more safe, more gorgeous
        One-step forming convex bottom processing technology which helps honey easy to flow out and durable to use
        Transparent plexiglas lid, it is easier to observe the status of honey split, avoid contamination and honey splash



    This honey extractor specification as below:


    Product name: 20 Frames Electric Honey Extractor
    NO of Frames:20 Frames
    Operation type:Electric
    Reversibility:NO , but can be customized
    Material:Stainless Steel
    Barrel Body dimension CM:70cm*93cm
    Frame dimension CM:25cm*45cm
    Net weight:73kg
    Packing dimension CM:98cm*98cm*98cm
    Packing: Wooden carton
    Power:550 W
    Rotational Speed:0-180
    Speed controller:can control the speed
    Frequency converter:With frequency converter
    Frame type:Stainless steel polished frame
    Crossbeam:Reinforced crossbeam
    Lid:  Fully closed metal lid
    Bottom: One-step forming convex bottom
    Hand Crank:  with hand crank
    Stand: with stand
    Honey gate: with stainless steel honey gate