How to select bee colony
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How to select bee colony
  1. When to buy bee colony
If in cold northern areas, it is better to buy bee colony after bees discharge in early spring, and also even in warm southern area, it is also proper to buy during period of spring multiplication. It is not advised to buy bee colony when summers coming for warm southern areas , or end of flowering period of autumn season in cold northern areas.
  1. How to select bee species
According to their living regions, the beekeepers should know about different characteristics among diverse bee species, so as to select proper bee species.
Bee Species Regions Features
Italian Bees Adapted to almost regions Italian bees are known for high output in honey and royal jelly harvest, but easily appears bee robbing, large feeding consumption in winter, it is difficult to adapt in severe cold region.
Chinese bees Adapted to middle and lager nectar source hills and mountain regions Quite flexible, anti-cold, advantaged in collecting scattered nectar sources, without beetle problems, but easily suffer sac brood.
  1. How to select bee colony
  1. Queen    Shall check if the queen has any hurts.
  2. Brood comb    The covered brood comb shall be in regularity, larva grows healthy, shows regular body color, without sac brood problems.
  3. Bees      Check if bees are energetic, beetles situation, numbers of young bees , if the bees are tamed, and body color are regular or not .