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Q: What's the thickness of beehive pannel ?

A: Usually the beehive pannel is made into 2.0cm , some customers prefer 2.2cm , it is also made as your requirement


Q: What timber for beehive and bee frame ?

A: Newzealand pine , cedar fir or Russian pine


Q: Did the beehive pannel have knots ?

A: Our beehives are required to make with excellent pine timber without any knots.


Q: May I customize the beehive box in size ?

A: Yeah, we completely assist our clients to customize the beehive in sizes.


Q: What sizes of bee frames do you have ?

A: Langstroth & Dadant bee frame are all available, and also the sizes for UK or Italy are also feasible, including 232mm, 159mm, 135mm etc.


Q: Is your honey extractor in Radial type or tangent type ?

A: Both radial and tangent basket for extractor are all available.


Q: What thickness of honey extractor's bucket ?

A: We applies excellent steel sheets for extractor's bucket, usually made into 1mm, and the steel sheets are solid enough for the extractor's bottom while being shape through strech process.


Q: What size for extractor's basket

A: Our extractor's basket is usually made into 45*25cm which is applicable for 232mm frame, for Dadant frame, we could  make the basket as 45*32cm .


Q: What size beeswax foundation do you have ?

A: for normal sizes including: 41*20cm / 41*25cm / 41*19.5cm / 41*26cm/ etc. we also could customize size of beeswax foundation sheets as you require.


Q: What unit weight of beeswax foundation sheet ?

A: 75g per sheet for common size, for deepth wax sheets, it would be made as 95g.


Q: How many beeswax foundation sheets per carton ?

A: Common package:30pcs/box, 300pcs/ carton for 75g/pc.


Q: How do we buy your beekeeping tools ?

A: Send us your wishlist of bee tools, we work out the best discount for your side and then deal in T/T.


Q: How long does the order take for delivery ?

A: As normal, we take 10-15 days for beehive & bee frames, take 7 days for beewax foundation sheets.


Q: What should we do if the package damaged when arrive us ?

A: Please no worry about the damage packages, we'll make up new ones in following orders, and improve the package to be much more solid next time.


Q: How to get your samples ?

A: We try to offer samples in free to all of our clients , contact us Whatsapp for free samples and check shipping cost.