Adjust bee swarms

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Update time : 2019-03-28 14:46:57
                                                                                Adjust Bee Swarms

When the bee colony appears issues including asymmetrical development, swarming fever, strong groups collecting, and losing queens, it is time to proceed bee colony adjustment, it mainly need merge swarms.
When merging swarms, it requires : Make the weaker bee colony join in the strong ones, when a bee colony lost their queens, then join the new swarm which has healthy queen.When merging the swarms with queen, shall thoroughly remove their queen and queen cages, it is better to proceed in afternoon.
Swarm merging contains direct merging and indirect merging.
  1. Direct swarms merging      Put the swarms without queen together with foundations nearby outer of the new swarm’s grid, remove the grid in 1-2 days, put the foundations together. It is adaptable during period of early spring or nectar flowing. If the swarms are quite weak, you may spray some water to the swarms and then proceed direct merging swarms. (See P1) (beeswax foundation )

2.Indirect swarms merging     When proceed indirect swarms merging, firstly fold with mesh cover or newspaper with vents, then put on the super box, then put the merged swarms’ foundations into super box. You may proceed adjustment while the two swarms’ smells mixed up in 1-2 days.