Honey Extractor

24 frame radial frame honey extractor

Stainless Steel Radial Type frame honey extractor,
with high efficiency and easy operation!


  • 24 frame electric/motorised RADIAL extractor

  • High quality 304 stainless steel body

  • Variable speed motor

  • Reversible motor

  • 240Volt

  • Low centred honey gate

  • Extractor stand in Full Stainless steel.  Stable four leg design that is high enough to fit a 27 kg bucket underneath

  • Honey tap/valve which is located at the base with seamless welds...no more tilting to get the last honey out!

  • Easily removable motor mount (four nuts) for cleaning purposes

  • 92cm Diameter

  • 1.2mm thick stainless body

  • honey extractor is Packed securely in a hardwood ply carton

  • Two transparent lids to fit over the body so you can inspect the spinning frames